The 2012 edition of PMB’s Medical Media Study sampled approximately 1,800 Canadian physicians and shows that readership of Canadian medical publications remains strong. On average across all titles in the study, readership was 14% higher than five years ago, in 2007.

The picture is similar when looking at just the larger titles in the study. On average 23,236 Canadian physicians read the top 5 English titles, an increase of 8% since 2007. The corresponding figure for the top three French titles is +18% over the same five-year period.

The MMS 2012 average readership of 23,236 for the top 5 English titles represents 46% of all Canadian physicians. This reach is relatively unchanged from the corresponding 48% figure achieved in 2007. The reach of the three largest French titles among French has increased by 5% points from 69% to 74%.

Finally, medical journals in total reach over 95% of physicians every month. This statistic applies also to GP’s, for those in practice less than 20 years and those who use a smartphone for professional purposes.